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Rod Dreyer, with whom I will be speaking at the Touchstone conference in Chicago next month, has posted an interesting commentary on AI religion: https://roddreher.substack.com/p/unwitting-servants-of-the-new-evil. NB: the material in question follows some disturbing material on another subject, the details of which the reader may want to avoid, though it won't do to avoid altogether the problem being addressed. Anyway, scroll down to "ChatGPT and the Next Religion." Afterward, an an antidote, read part 5 of this PHR series. And thanks to those of you below who have made such encouraging comments regarding what you have read here already.

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“Just machines to make big decisions, programmed by fellows of compassion and vision.”


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Don't think I've ever read such an ambitious and all embracing, full spectrum dominating account of just how we got to here in 2023.

Such insight, generosity and footnoted writing is a rare thing, This essay in its parts required frequent revisiting, there is just so much here.

Just fantastic scholarship with a clear Christian discernment . Yet steeped in contemporary cultural signs of the times that confirm the utter debauchery that only a fake goddess of safety and public health dictatorship could emerge from.

Thank you Paul .This essay will have seismic influence in due course, Europe is waking up .

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Thank you! A good read for me! Everything points to the inevitable one-world-governing autocratic hierarchical order: from Christ-in-a Free-land's questioning of the utility of democratic capitalism for resolving the complex polycrisis besetting humanity, to your comment that truth is now a passenger in the back seat while safety is at the wheel in the front seat, to your referencing The Line in Saudi Arabia (fascinating). I have the feeling that should the deep-learners in AI (your Agency Simulation) read your four texts on the Public Health Revolution, they will have a ready-made road map for all the steps to take to bring about the autocratic order: they will know which mountains need to be laid flat and which corners to be made straight. And I believe that there will be churches in the new order, but they will be like horse-drawn carriages in Québec City or like Upper Canada Village in Eastern Ontario.

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The wages of sin is death

The West has been working overtime for 100 years or more at the business of sin

We’ve built industries on foundations of sin

Punished good and rewarded wickedness

It has passed an inflection point

Now accelerating out of human control

When payday comes,

Where will we turn?

The church must stand apart

Calling evil what it is

Calling those with ears to hear

To repentance, faith, hope, and obedience

To the word of truth and life

By the power of the Spirit

The Lord is merciful, just, and sovereign

Fear of Him is the beginning of wisdom

He is a rock, a sure foundation, a strong city

He has become our salvation

Death is swallowed up in victory

By the shame of the cross endured

The perishable traded for the imperishable

By the resurrecting power of God.

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God bless you, Dr. Farrow!

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I am no megawatt intellect I would be the first to admit...but I cannot help but think we are living in the immediate prequel to Huxley's Brave New World.

"Well, religion, of course," replied the Controller. "There used to be something called God–before the Nine Years' War. But I was forgetting; you know all about God, I suppose."


BNW wasn't simply an imaginative work of dystopian fiction. It was a muffin recipe of sorts.

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Much to digest in this. Thank you.

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Thank you for bringing to the forefront the school of Plato and I am curious about it's relationship to Freemasonry.

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