Attention has been drawn to this: https://www.un.org/pga/77/wp-content/uploads/sites/105/2023/08/Final-text-for-silence-procedure-PPPR-Political-Declaration.pdf

And today a friend in NZ sent this: https://www.mbie.govt.nz/dmsdocument/27180-new-zealands-future-quarantine-and-isolation-capability-proactiverelease-pdf

Reckoning with this sort of thing can of course be fear-inducing. What I have written above is intended as an antidote to fear.

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Hi Dr. Farrow,

We can’t post comments on your latest essay, but you do have an important typo, I think: you say ‘True authority occurs, as Augustine says, when justice accedes to power”. I think you mean the other way around?

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Just brilliant.

First time I've seen a theological critique that squarely deals with the whole summation of the evil we've been witnessing since 2020. With its roots long established beforehand,to be fair.

This is an irrestible blend of Augustine's core text, as manifested in classical church ecclesiology . And landing finally before us with serious Pauline prophecy included as and when.

The appalling Papa Doc Francis is as much a today and placement as is Welby or Trudeau.

No doubt Benedict had to be removed ,so today's corporate authoritarian evil could be unleashed.

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As usual, much to think through here. As the fear campaign is again ramped up, God's people must do a better job of countering it this time.

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