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Mr. Genuis thinks: "our rights-and-liberty-oriented politics would protect us from the coercive potential in the technology at the FMC core?" Where has he been for the past three years where the state (we can now call it the "biomedical security state") has ignored rights and liberties of Canadians and dehumanized them by lockdowns, freezing of bank accounts, Covid 19 vaccine mandates, etc, all due to a virus which is related to the common cold virus?

The suffering of the "poor," the suffering of Lazarus, so to speak, has obviously gone unnoticed by the elite Catholic politician, Mr. Genuis, so much so, he had the audacity to say what he said regarding FMC.

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Nice trick that is: create a ten-second sense of terror and follow it immediately with behavioural conditioning! A very astute observation you made there, Dr. Farrow!

Once widespread mortal terror is created, it is impossible to dispel it by appeal to reason. Sensible speech can accomplish nothing in the face of contagious terror. Conditioning is needed to guide, organize and give shape to the terror so that the confusion of frightened people can be made into solid unity; so the wild, single voices can be merged into a chorus. A Rainmaker must step before the people and loudly cry the well-known phrases that open and close the public laments in the face of perils such as epidemics and floods. He must shout the words in rhythm, with clapping of hands and ritual genuflections. The terrorized will imitate and join in the beat and spirit of the exorcistic ceremony, changing from a horde of terrorized persons to a reverent populace prepared for self-sacrifice and penance, comforted in their uniformity, submission and devotion.

Just yesterday I read a few pages along those lines in Hermann Hesse's short story, The Rainmaker, itself a story within the larger story of The Glass Bead Game. The Rainmaker, faced with women and men who had surrendered with a kind of voluptuous rage to their sense of horror and impending doom, wanted to use reason, but found himself compelled to use conditioning. The fear was not of his making, and almost all the people had succumbed to its intoxication.

It's uncanny how the "old" novels I now read seem to have a covidic premonition. In Hesse's story, I saw the archetype of crowds being conditioned, not being given reasonable explanations, to face a great fear.

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Over two decades ago I remember reading a small book-length essay entitled Life Is A Miracle: An Essay Against Modern Superstition by Wendell Berry. It was essentially a book-length essay in the form of an argument against what Berry saw as the rising predominance of Scientism as a driving force in society. Specifically, the book took to task E.O. Wilson's tome Consilience and the absurd assertions therein.

The most memorable quote I recall from that book was this:

“It is easy for me to imagine that the next great division of the world will be between people who wish to live as creatures and people who wish to live as machines.”

That quote is right up there with Orwell's:

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."

And so here we are in this time of paroxyms and subversions and "things sliding in all directions".

I highly recommend this video to see what our own government's Policy Horizons has to say about the "inevitable" (just you wait for it!) Biodigital Convergence. Or what the Rand Corporation has to say about it. Or what MIT Technology Review has to say about it.



"The people" have no idea.

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"Mr Genuis seemed to think our rights-and-liberty-oriented politics would protect us from the coercive potential in the technology at the FMC core."

The judicial system failed to protect the rights of Canadians during a so-called medical crisis. And continues to do so. Has he not been paying any attention to the court cases dismissed on the grounds of being 'moot'? What happens in a 'state of exception' is a kind of unwritten martial law being declared by politicians who then give themselves free rein to abuse if not outright suspend rights. During that time, citizens are 'free' to appeal to the courts but will find the courts are closed so to speak. It's a Kafka nightmare. Once the 'emergency is lifted' people are still 'free' to sue but the courts will just dismiss them as 'irrelevant' or 'moot. Judges sat back and simply deferred to the state invoking 'judicial notice'.

We saw this with the Peckford et al. case. It was a powerful case built on solid evidence but no matter. In fact, judges are refusing to even let the evidence in. Go into any family law court and see if a parent who wishes not to vaccinate their child is treated then tell me if we have a system that is predicated on the rights of individuals.

We do not. Canada has among the weakest protections for rights anywhere in the West. It should embarrass us given the high-handed (to the point of insufferable) rhetoric about democracy and rights our leaders babble on about.

Now. If we can't even uphold the Charter (or the Bill of Rights. Lockdowns and travel bans violate our most basic fundamental human rights in the BoR) what makes this gentleman think our laws could possibly protect against technology? Technology is five steps ahead of us. By the time the law catches up to it, the damage is done. Just read, 'The Age of Surveillance Capitalism' to get the gist of this frightening world. Snowden and Assange have been warning about all this and look at how they're treated.

I have zero faith in our legal (please see Wagner's public outburst showing bias) or medical framework in its current forms. The last three years made it very clear to me that it's all a ruse.

Ultimately, it will be up to the people to somehow become courageous and informed enough to not play along anymore.

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It seems to me that Andrew Kershaw, President of Ogilvy and Mather, had ulterior motives for wanting to shift attention away from advertising to technological change as a main driver of change. From my own experiences and reading advertising opened the door to many forms of psychological warfare to alter attitudes and behaviours. The roots of the kind of psychological warfare being drilled at us with military force 24/7 derives largely from taking the techniques of advertising taken to the max. See https://anthonyjhall.substack.com/p/learning-from-advertising-how-to

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If we were that fearful in our cave dwellings as we are now being conditioned to be, would we ever have ventured out?

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Thank you, well said Professor Farrow.

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I was enjoying your article when I recalled that I have a Pavlovian response to tornado warnings. I acquired it early on in life when my Missouri-born mom would drag my sister and me downstairs to stand in the scientifically recommended corner of the basement while listening to a transistor radio. We would wait for the all clear. To this day, I associate a certain Beach-Boys song with tornados.

The technology back then required actual sighting. That has changed. Using Doppler radar, meteorologists now issue tornado warnings like Carter's used to issue little pills. It has reached the point where my mother-in-law in Kansas - no, not Dorothy - recently scoffed at the local siren because "it goes off all the time."

This might be to say that Pavlov eventually loses his hold. We can pray that folks catch onto all this manipulation and agitation they've suffered these recent years.

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