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Thank you for standing up for us. After living the devastating effects of the WWII (famine, lack of homes and inflation) and the communism, I can testimony that I feel the same danger now. It looks that we are kept out of diversified information to better control us, we are not allowed to travel or have a cultural life (despite working and paying taxes!) if we did not consent to have a vaccine pass. What more do we need to see the signs of totalitarism? I am talking with Canadians living here for generations and it feels it is hard for them to believe that our gouvernants could do any harm or lead us towards dictatorship (well, actually, most of the Germans in times of war did not see Hitler as a totalitarian until the war ended, either because they were indoctrinated by his huge propaganda or because they could not believe that this happened...). I admire people's faith in their elected leaders, but "the sleep of reasoning give birth to monsters". The only faith that should be out of question is the faith in God. However, it is given to us as an option. We decide what we choose. As we decide what to choose in these times... The irrational fear for our life and magically thinking that the ones on the top know better how to deal with a pandemic? Or the freedom of being logical and applying the common sense, therefore accepting what is helpful and questioning what seems inconsistent?

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Hello Douglas, you mentioned Dostoevsky as a modern prophet. I agree. What parts of his work were you referring to?

I already know that Raskolinikov's dream in Crime and Punishment foretold the Covid-19 mass hypnosis and mass chaos. I wrote about it in the link below.


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I was thinking especially of The Brothers Karamazov.

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