Excerpt from historian Roberto de Mattei's commentary:

The researchers of the commission, despite the 71 million dollars they received, worked for seven years without finding the time to consult the archives of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, the religious order which began to manage the residential schools at the end of the nineteenth century. Based on these very archives, the historian Henri Goulet, in his Histoire des pensionnats indiens catholiques au Québec. Le rôle déterminant des pères oblats (Presses de l’Université de Montréal, 2016), showed that the Oblates were the only defenders of the traditional language and way of life of the Indians of Canada, unlike the government and the Anglican church, which insisted on a form of integration that uprooted the indigenous people from their origins. This historiographical tack finds confirmation in the works of one of the leading international scholars of Canadian religious history, Prof. Luca Codignola Bo of the University of Genoa.

Meanwhile, the accusation of “cultural genocide” has been turned into that of “physical genocide”. In May of 2021, the young anthropologist Sarah Beaulieu, after examining the land near the former residential school of Kamloops with ground-penetrating radar, launched the hypothesis of the existence of a mass grave, without ever having done even one excavation. The anthropologist’s statements — reported by the mainstream media and endorsed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — have been spun into various narratives, some of which claim that “hundreds of children” were “killed” and “secretly buried” in “mass graves” or in irregular mounds on the grounds of “Catholic schools all over Canada."

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The loaded terms 'genocide' and 'terrorism' have become political weapons for people. Every large act of violence, every large act of injustice is either genocide or terrorism.

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Too generous.

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