Outstanding essay. We must speak truths, especially those that would elicit a stink-eye from our "elite", and resist these evil people to the end.

MLK and Gandhi were successful last century by resisting nonviolently. The innate decency of the people in the UK and US allowed for their success, when they pointed out the malevolence they were contesting. I am almost certain that our current societies, deliberately divided and now celebrating death, perversion and unreality, are no longer decent.

God help us to stand straight and remain faithful against what's coming our way.

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Agreed. Our societies are no longer decent.

"Among a people generally corrupt liberty cannot long exist."

Edmund Burke

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Excellent writing and thinking, thank you. I've been thinking often again of the City of God, trying to figure out the appropriate stance to this moral, spiritual and policy debacle, and here you have made the crosswalk for us already!

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This is a brilliant introduction that sets up all that is to come.

I was struck by the facility you employ in blending these toxic godlets of sprites, demons, Greek muse tribute acts with new notions like Safe And Effective.

It's an endless shape-shifting amorphous hellscape that transforms into temporary murmurations ,on contact with the True or the sceptics beady eye.

You describe it very well, vividly and with wit and style too.

Well done.

Sense these essays are going to figure large in my retrofits that account for the madness we live with today.

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Hillsdale is nevertheless unfortunately close connected with president warp speed. Also, for all it's virtue signaling refusal to accept government funds for the college, is big into "school choice" funding that will entail just as many gov puppet strings.

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