Incredibly powerful and moving essay , I must thank Aaron Kheriaty for the referral.

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I agree with the other two comments here (two! there should be two thousand). I am blown away by your erudition and analysis. Thank you for such a careful and humane synthesis of so many seemingly disparate but inter-related facets of our world. I will need to read this again.

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Kadlec's confession to a misdemeanour: just helping out a couple of colleagues, as one does: https://www.skynews.com.au/world-news/cia-analysts-were-bribed-to-change-position-on-covid19-origins-as-fauci-led-orchestrated-effort-to-undermine-lableak-origin-theory/news-story/654fc9e34a605ddc32a43b52111d0d45 ... Was that sort of thing in the Crimson Contagion script?

And now this leak from the Military-Industrial Censorship script: https://public.substack.com/p/ctil-files-1-us-and-uk-military-contractors

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China or America?

This piece, which has China rather than America in the driver's seat, does not answer the question it purports to answer: https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/how-a-ccp-operation-ensnared-the

Sed contra: https://dailysceptic.org/2023/01/10/u-s-government-identified-as-original-source-of-lab-leak-theory-whats-really-going-on/

And now ( 12 Jan. 2023) I see this, contending that it is not China or America but China and America (and Israel et al.). Its conclusion seems a bit over the top, and it is offered without explanation of the why or wherefore, yet the evidence of collusion it presents is not negligible: https://sashalatypova.substack.com/p/the-role-of-the-us-dod-and-their

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What an essay! I've read down to 'Who has deceived us'.

Douglas, I thank you for all the work you have put into this. I've read a lot over the last 3 years and have had my eyes opened but this has provided me with even more information and dispelled even more falsehoods.

I'll finish the rest tomorrow.

Thank you again Douglas. Despite the negativity, I will still say Happy New Year. May the Lord of everything (!) bless you. Even in our darkest moments, light still shines through and tells us to hope in the Lord! We shall not be disappointed.

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I just started and am blown away. Sharing it with close friends/family where I can. As I told my wife, this seems to be the season for the best of us to tie all the superficially disparate threads together over the last century or two. You can of course go further back in time as well.

Threads like the below are all independent areas of study, but disparate they are not, as they intersected often, and were both cause and effect as a result:

—Pietism of the post-millennial variety and the emergence of the Progressive movement in the late 19th century

—Legal “realism” and the rejection of natural law, customary law and common law frameworks

—Marxism, socialism and its cousin fascism

—Gramscism, as an offshoot of failed economic socialism to attack bourgeois culture

—The post-modern thread of ideas, down to wokism

—WWI and WWII and the effect of such mass murder and bloodshed

—The rise of the military industrial complex

—Progressive “expert state” for virtually all industries, with concomitant creation of licensing monopolies (e.g., medicine)

—Modern “art” and its emergence, and rejection of religious art as “unoriginal”

—CIA, FBI and federal thumbs on every scale (art, music, news, etc.)

—The rise of the intelligence agencies and black operations

—Actual conspiracies and chicanery, from JFK to take your pick

—The corruption of conservatism through Buckleyite apologetics for tyranny at home (and military adventures abroad, with military socialism), all to “beat the commies”

—The conversion of laissez faire Catholics from agrarian and humble sensibilities to being sucked in by the promises of FDR and socialist populism

—The rise of the Rockefeller Republican Party

—The Fed, central banking and the unnatural monopoly on money, with related financialization of Western economies (and the malign social effects of ever present inflation)

—AIDS, NIH funding and medical corruption, from Deusberg to Covid

And on and on. Thank you Professor Farrow for your incredible work to start this year and heal us sharpen our focus on “what is”, so we can pivot to “what to do”.

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This is the most extraordinary presentation of the actual situation I have read so far.

Yes, the Lord wins in the end. The Truth is our most valuable wealth.

A marvellous 2023!

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As a mother of young children, I’ve been looking for hope and strength. I am so thankful to have found this article today.

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Great commentary. I had my reservations about the vaccine at the time, but was concerned about serious illness that might result from Covid. I'm starting to suspect I was naive and should have stuck to my guns and worried instead about serious illness from the vaccine. Ah well. Trust in God and tie your camel as best one can, I guess.

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Sweeping and I particularly appreciate the Rocke-focus. However where's President warp speed in all this? With his holding the bag for his "beautiful" (but Democrat!) confederate statues, declaring quack emergency, platforming Fauci, rolling helicopter cash out to Democrat! governors to lockdown, "fathering" warp speed, pumping notoriously hard-to-watchdog early voting, then inviting public to J6 with "it will be wild!"....he sounds like a Democrat plant. It would be a brilliant stroke, to get conservatives to lockdown where they wouldn't under someone who admitted he was Democrat.

Trump loaded the gun. Biden pulled the trigger.

BFF with Hill/Bill/Epstein, graduate of Tavistock-connect UPenn.

That he still has a cult following is concerning, because he seems to be blocking any reasonable Republican (like Rand Paul) from 2024.

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These elites, you mention, who treat people as means rather than as ends, show this avaricious totalitarian fascistic behaviour. This proclivity to bundle disparate branches of power together is the totalitarian's modus operandi; their "logical" thinking is to gain more power to be more effective in being "right"; it is the philosophy of "might makes right"; it is the belief that it is, as Milton says, "[b]etter to reign in hell than serve in heaven" -- which is the consequence of tyrannical states, caveat emptor. All this is justified with utilitarian morality, for the "common" good, i.e., the degree to which the action tends to towards the greatest amount of happiness is proportionate to how "right" it is. As in all arguments of this sort, there are two questions that come to my mind, 1) why does the Good require a qualification; and 2) why is morality assumed to be rational, in the a posteriori sense (which is accepted axiomatically by the utilitarian types)?

The evidence, as is shown to me, here, does not support that morality is a posteriori rational, i.e., doing the wrong things for the right reasons does not grant it moral rightness. Hence, the utilitarian moral arguments, that these aforementioned elites make, such as their arguments for increasing gas prices -- which, apropos, hurt the poorest first and hardest -- reducing humans on the planet, and coercing people to take a Covid vaccine without giving free access to its data, necessarily to me, invokes the following question "under what presumption is their neurotic catastrophizing, my moral failing?

Further to questioning them, the questions you had for the P7 team, at the McGill University, were not mean-spirited, but the responses you received, albeit not shared in verbatim, remind me of the types

in academia who if you did not agree with them, they looked at you with contempt and thought of you as evil. The P7's, who I imagine to be part of "the elites", were called upon to defend their actions, and their response to you, or lack thereof, proved it was untenable.

From the non-answers and the harrowing furtive experiments justified by utilitarian rationality elucidated in your essay, I find myself buttressed in my initial feelings against coercive catastrophizing, and its attendant manipulation via guilt. Manipulation is wrong, and that is that.

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Great essay. The method has always been to build up the military industrial complex within opposing forces so that at the end under globalism it is one advanced apparatus to be turned on the common people. World War II set up the Cold War and that's why Wild Bill wouldn't let Patton survive it. He wasn't content to let one form of totalitarianism replace another in places like Poland that went straight from Naziism to Bolshevism.

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The War on Humanity depends mostly on brainwashing. All warfare is psychological, after all. The world's premier brainwashing centre is the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Tavistock runs brainwashing globally, which requires that it control media, academia, advertising, think-tanks, intelligence agencies and governments. This tremendous power, with its tentacles literally snaking around everything, works at the behest of Continental aristocracy. These royals and nobles mostly comprise megalomaniacs, psychotic, lunatics and diabolically clever individuals with wealth that makes Elon Musk look middle-class by comparison. They are extraordinarily powerful, even more so than when they sat on thrones. They own and control the Vatican, the mafias, the banks, the militaries, the governments and secret societies. They exert a cult-like fascination on those who act as their "flying monkeys" and believe themselves to be gods. While it may be that some of them favor a dignified and evolving existence for humanity, it is abundantly clear that most of them probably do not.

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Thank you, very thorough and appreciate all the links.

I agree, fundamentally, we are in the midst of spiritual warfare.

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God bless you, Prof Farrow. Keep fighting the good fight! Ad multos annos!

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". . . because any serious search for answers must take us into theological territory. . ."

Why can't a proper morality be built with reason, respecting our human nature? After all, we are the rational animals.

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